Gurmit Singh’s Favourite Char Kway Teow

15833fc1-6764-43e4-8858-926b7559ef05.jpg Hello Foodie Friends! This week, our new Makan Kakis is rumoured to be the best in Singapore and JB and some say Batam. He really needs no introduction, because he is Gurmit Singh! Or in this case, let’s call him Gourmet Singh! He joins Denise to co-host the Morning show on Gold 905 while Mike & Vern are on a 2-week break and as the host of Makan Places Lost & Found (watch out for a new season coming soon to Channel 5!), he sure has quite a few tasty gems to share with us, starting with his favourite place for Char Kway Teow…

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Halal Dim Sum, Vietnamese & Kueh!

Hello Makan Kakis! This week, we’re joined by two strong, talented women who also great cooks! We last met Oniatta Effendi when she was cooking on stage for Singapore International Festival of Arts and her legendary recommendation of Nasi Jenganan. This time, she’s back with Petrina Kow, whose voice you might recognise as a one-time DJ and voice actor for commercials, audio guides, online learning websites and animations. She’s now a voice and presentation coach with a new project to share – one that Oniatta is performing in! Call it an extension of Petrina’s wonderful monthly Telling Stories Live project, Walking in Beauty is an evening of women telling heart-warming, heart-breaking, real stories about how they relate to beauty. And of course when it comes to good cooks who tell great stories, MAKAN is never far away when they rehearse! Here are some of these foodie friends’ recommendations for a delicious good time…

  • Click to hear all about makan & making theatre!
  • Click to hear Petrina & Oniatta recommend Halal Dim Sum, authentic Vietnamese food & special Kueh Dar Dar.

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Beautiful Brunches Begin at Fynn’s

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Hello Makan Kakis, as the weekend rolls round, time to start planning a laid back, luscious brunch in a beautiful setting! Here’s a casual modern Australian cafe that serves up excellent weekend brunches and is one of the favourites of our foodie friend, Fatfuku’s Annette Tan. This restaurant at Beach Road is, simply put, beautiful. Located along a nice little posh alley at South Beach, Fynn’s is run by talented local chef An, whose food Annette believes deserves lots of praise.

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Unbeatable Kampung Chicken Rice

Greetings, Makan Kakis, we start 2018 with a brand new foodie friend, one who’s no stranger to the F&B business, having successfully started his own Chinese casual dining restaurant that broke even within 3 months of its opening, probably due to their signature recipe for saucy, succulent Char Siew (which you can see and read about here). Please meet Anthony Ung of CHAR Restaurant

CHAR Restaurant first appeared on the dining scene in Singapore in 2014 when it was launched by Vietnam-born, Birmingham-UK-raised Anthony & his brother Alvin, a chef by profession. With his 30 years of experience working in Chinese restaurants in Birmingham from dishwasher to head chef in traditional Chinese cooking, Alvin’s culinary expertise combined perfectly with Anthony’s meticulous science and IT background & passion for experimenting with Western food preparation techniques on Asian ingredients and produce. They definitely hit on a winning formula and after a wildly successful run at their original location along Guillemard Road, Anthony and his Singaporean Wife are delighted to have moved CHAR to a bigger, brighter space along Jalan Besar.

Click here to listen to Anthony’s story about fleeing Vietnam to the UK and how Char got started in Singapore
Click here to listen to Anthony’s culinary influences, childhood food memories and why he loves Chicken Rice
Click here to listen to Anthony’s recommendation for his favourite Chicken Rice in Singapore


Anthony professes an obsession with our local Chicken Rice, which he ate everyday for 3 months when he first moved to Singapore, leading to a 5 kg weight gain, which also means he’s eaten his way through many plates, many brands and many types to arrive at the conclusion that this is HIS FAVOURITE Chicken Rice and in his humble opinion, THE BEST in Singapore.

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Best of 2017 – Makan Kakis’ Top Ten List


Gluttonous Greetings Everyone & Happy New Year!

2017 saw a whole host of new foodie friends joining our rolling panel of Makan Kakis and along with them came a stupendous slew of new & delicious food recommendations. So as we begin 2018, let’s take a look back at some of the most popular makan places that really caught your attention in 2017. Click on each for details & enjoy!

10. Another Best Contender for Bak Chor Mee?
9. Curry Rice that’s a CUT Above!
8. Firebaked Excellence
7. Geylang Hokkien Mee NOT in Geylang
6. Super Crispy Prata
5. Raw Egg Bak Chor Mee?!
4. Nuts about Pistachio Grill
3. Magnificent Mee Pok
2. Karried Away by Kway Chap
1. Die-Die-Must-Try Fishball & Herh Keow

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Thank you so much for your support of our tasty little segment on Gold 905 and for helping it grow bigger and better. If you like what you hear on air and what you see here on the blog, do share share share! Here’s to yet another year of yum – may your 2018 be overflowing with the best things to eat and drink – Season’s Eatings!


Oodles of Noodles for Lunch

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This week, our Makan Kaki Chef Anthony Yeoh returns to recommend a lunchtime noodle treat that will surely satisfy. Morsels is known for their small plates and Omakase, but did you know they open for lunch with special noodle sets inspired by self-confessed Noodle Queen, chef-owner Petrina Loh‘s travels across Asia and her own culinary upbringing? There are 4 noodle specials on rotation currently, one per week, which cycles through – be sure you pop by to try a different one every week! Each bowl of noodles comes with an appetiser & condiments.

Check out what’s on offer this week: Pork kimchi wonton noodles with Primrose Farms Pork jowl char siew in a special Herb-Infused Soya Sauce & jalapeno green chili sauce (see picture above). Luxurious, tasty and zingy from the jalepeno, this is a must-try and is available this week! Continue reading “Oodles of Noodles for Lunch”


Click to watch this month’s roasty-toasty video!

‘Tis the season for chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Actually, why settle for chestnuts or turkeys, when we can celebrate with a decidedly more Asian-style roast – Char Siew (roast pork), Siew Yoke (crispy pork belly) and other porky delights. In this video, follow Denise for two delicious options – one gives you a hearty hawker feast and the other, a more refined restaurant experience. Continue reading “VIDEO: LOCAL ROAST MEATS FOR CHRISTMAS”

Perfectly Peruvian

Ceviche Mixto featuring Tono’s seafood of the day, chilli, onions and plantain chips

Listen to this week’s super-fresh South American episode!

This week, we’re taking a culinary trip through our tastebuds to South America – Peru to be exact – with our Makan Kaki, FatFuku’s Annette Tan. She recommends Tono Cevicheria, a fun, festive and of course, delicious restaurant by Chef Daniel Chavez, owner of Spanish eatery Ola Cocina Del Mar. Chef Daniel is from Peru and Tono Cevicheria serves classic Peruvian dishes as well as, as its name suggests, a wide range of fabulously fresh ceviches. First of all, for the unintiated, ceviche is usually raw fish, cured with a mix called Tiger’s Milk, made up of lime juice (or any other naturally acidic juice), onions & chillies. The cloudy yielded liquid is what’s known as Tiger’s Milk. Any raw seafood marinated in the Tiger’s Milk gets “cooked”, or cured to a pleasing texture that still retains its freshness. Continue reading “Perfectly Peruvian”