Humble Chicken Rice

Shunfu FC Chicken Rice

What does Seetoh mean when he says, “You can taste the humility!” in the making of his favourite chicken rice? Why does this humble little stand-alone mom & pop stall trump your usual Boon Tong Kees, 5 Stars, Loy Kees, Tian Tians, Pow Sings, Wee Nam Kees, etc?

To quote the Makansutra,

These Hokkien folks are proof that you don’t need to be a Hainanese to make good Hainanese chicken rice. The fluffy rice has a light smokiness and mouthwatering aroma of fried ginger and garlic… The chicken is plump and the meat is juicy, with a thin layer of jellied juice under the skin… They do not drench the chicken with excessive sauce, just a little soy sauce and sesame oil seasoning. 

Ultimately, it’s all in the tasting, so go try out:

Leong Hainanese Chicken Rice
Shunfu Mart Food Centre
320 Shunfu Road
Open: 10am-7pm

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