Chao Tah Bee Hoon!

JB Ah Meng Cau Tau Beehoon

This week, we recommend an unusual burnt beauty – Chao Tah Bee Hoon! Eating anything charred may sound weird, but trust us, it’s also very wonderful!

And it’s not just about the taste (and yes, it is flavour-packed), but also about the sound… “Krrrrack!”,  it’s outer shell goes as you sink your teeth in and “Fwah!”,  its soft  interior goes as you chomp away happily at this zi char specialty.

Essentially a rice noodle pancake fried crispy and roasty on the outside, fluffy and fragrant on the inside and topped with tasty little morsels like shrimp, minced meat and bean sprouts, Chao Tah Bee Hoon is die-die-must-try, particularly the version offered up at this stand-out zi char joint in Geylang…

JB Ah Meng
New Good Place Eating House
2 Geylang Lorong 23
Opens daily: 6pm-3am
Call them : 6741-2418



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