For All Your Wanton Desires…

Eng's Wan Ton Mee


This week, we must pay tribute to the late Mr Ng Ba Eng, the man who gave us the famous Eng’s Wanton Mee.
For the uninitiated, Eng’s is known, first and foremost, for their  rude chilli that takes no prisoners and slaps you in the face with its fiery fierceness. Then to soothe your singed tastebuds, they give you the copious, crunchy self- servings of lard. The wantons are little fist-chaped bundles of fatty, cartilagenoues minced meat for texture and flavour. Mr Ng may have left us, but happily, his legacy lives on with the next generation and you can still enjoy these awesome wanton noodles at:

Eng’s Noodles House
287 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437070
Open daily 11am – 9pm

But besides Eng’s brand of spicy noodles, there is another milder version that will surely evoke warm, fuzzy memories of old Singapore. This is what Seetoh calls a distinctly Singapore-style wanton mee and certainly one of his true blue childhood favourites: Wanton mee with Ketchup! Though a rare sight these days, you can still find this tangy-sweet treat at Stirling Road.

Chun Ji Wan Ton Mee

Operating out of a humble little stall for the last 20-something years, Chun Ji’s owner has been producing bowl after bowl of deliciously springy noodles coated in his lovingly thick sauce (a concoction of oyster sauce and shallot oil), made extra special with that dollop of ketchup. It’s the sharp tang of the ketchup that cuts through the thick sauce and balances things perfectly. The Char Siew here is also to die for because it’s made fresh in a turbo broiler. Only a few pieces of meat are made each time to preserve that straight-from-the-grill fresh flavour.

Chun Ji Wanton Noodles
Blk 164 Stirling Road
Meng Hup  Eating House
Open Daily 8am – 2pm except weds.



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