Hainanese Steam Boat

Tian Kee Hainanese Steamboat

Steamy, soupy, slurpy, shiok! This week, we talk about Steamboat that is distinctly Hainanese…

Distinctly Hainanese because first of all, they serve up true blue chicken rice with your steam boat! The pots are also distinct because they are the traditional ones with a funnel in the centre like a smoke stack. These pots have seen many many meals – covered in nicks and dents, Seetoh swears these pots have absorbed years of flavour and are well-seasoned!

They also still offer up selections of ingredients on set pedestal plates – beef, chicken, fish, sea cucumber, sotong, greens, the works and best of all, they crack a raw egg on top of the mountain of raw ingredients. The idea is that the egg will tenderize the meat and give it a nice sheen after taking a dip in the boiling soup. Dunk your cooked food in chicken rice chilli for that fiery, garlicky kick and at the end of it all, make sure you put the left-over soup to good use. It’s chock-full of flavour after all, so cap off your meal with a delicious chicken rice porridge cooked right then and there in the steam boat!

Golden Mile Thien Kee
6001 Beach Road
Golden Mile Tower
Open Daily: 11am-10pm
Tel: 6293 5910



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