Mohgan’s Marvellous Prata!

Crispy Prata (Generic)

You might have noticed that your Makan Kakis have an enduring endearment for Mom & Pop shops that serve up good, honest food and this week’s recommendation is no different. If prata is your preference, let us tell you about one guy produces pratas that puff up above the rest!

Seetoh’s pet peeve is the homogenisation of prata doughs, all tasting  suspiciously the same because they’ve been pre-mixed and created in a factory somewhere and then distributed to XYZ prata stalls across the island. What we’re looking for is  a dough that yields lots of flavour that comes from being lovingly, painstakingly hand-made, not mass produced!

Mohgan is one such dedicated hawker who makes his dough from scratch, at his humble little stand alone stall (no franchises here!), with a little special addition of milk that lifts the taste of his super crispy, yet fluffy pratas. Eat these addictive dough delights with his mean curries and you’ll be in prata heaven! You get a choice of mutton curry, fish curry or Dhal, and there’s even Sambal Ikan Bilis to go with your prata. Seetoh loves Dhal, Denise can’t resist mutton curry. But do go early – this is a strictly Breakfast-only food!


M&N Crispy Prata
Poh Ho Coffee Shop
7 Crane Road
Open Daily 6.30am – 1.30pm


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