Just Order Lor…

Lor Mee

This week, your Makan Kakis sniff out a local delight that is hard to do right and even harder to find. LOR MEE!

Seetoh says it’s all about the right balance of starch in the LOR, or sauce, that can make or break the dish. Too much, and the sauce gets gloopy, gluggy and very unpleasant. Get it right and you have a silky-smooth sauce that lovingly bathes every strand of noodle in deliciousness. The secret to a silky sauce? Simple – leaving the right amount of cooking water from the noodles in the bowl before mixing with the sauce.

Next, the flavour of the sauce. This week’s recommendation is all about flavour because it’s made from the same stock that goes into prawn noodles, which this stall also sells. And there’s always a queue!

Imagine an unctious prawn-stock-based silky sauce loaded with flavour, mingling with with noodles, crowned with yummy deep-dried morsels… Mmmm! Here, Ang Go Li, or red snapper is battered and deep-fried, before being hand-peeled to top the Lor Mee, along with home-made ngoh hiang and other crunchy munchies.

As for the noodles, Seetoh goes for a mix of yellow noodles and bee hoon (lighter, less filling) for the best of both worlds.

Add chilli for kick and lots of black vinegar to balance the heaviness of all the other ingredients and you’ve got the perfect bowl of Lor Mee.


Xin Mei Xiang
Block 51
Old Airport Road Hawker Centre
Open: 7am – 2.30pm (closed on Thursdays)


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