Putu Piring

This week, we talk about a hard-to-find steamy delight that is light, fluffy and airy, oozing with gula melaka and covered in a snowy layer of coconut! In Singapore, we call it the Malay version of the more common kueh tutu, but texture-wise, putu piring is worlds apart.

Haig Road boasts a famous version, but for an equally good, if not even better putu piring, try this one Seetoh recommends. There’s always a queue because the Pakcik here takes extra care that the muslin cloth that covers the rice cakes, through which the steam permeates to imbue each cake with moisture, is absolutely taut, smooth and wrinkle free.

Each cake is lovingly hand made from rice flour, filled with earthy gula melaka, then steamed in little upside-down funnels. Just one bite and your teeth sink into the fluffy rice cake to release the meltingly sweet gula melaka inside, plus the grated coconut gives a contrasting slight saltiness that balances all the flavours.


Kurnia Putu Piring
Blk 7 Eunos Crescent
Fook Wong Kopitiam
Open: 5.30 – 9pm

Apologies from your Makan Kakis if you went all the way to Eunos and couldn’t find the stall…
Mr Ahmad Kassim, the guy behind Kurnia Putu Piring is now currently in-between shops, but still caters. He got in touch with us personally and we found out that he is actually the brother-in-law of the famous Haig Road Putu Piring guy! If you want to try what he does best, you can call him:


If you have private parties and functions – he’ll come to you and make his famed putu piring on the spot!



  1. Are you sure you got the right address? Drove all the way there but no such stall selling the putu piring. So disappointed!!

    1. Hi Juliana,

      Many apologies for the inconvenience you experienced. At the time of our recording, we were unaware that Kurnia Putu Puring had ceased operations in the Eunos kopitiam, but please have a look at our update on the post, with info straight from Mr Kurnia himself!

      Thank you for stopping by our blog and we hope to have your continued support!

      Seetoh & Denise

  2. Kurnia putu piring (updated)
    Contacts : 97545902 /67895494
    For live stations, random orders just call us.

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