Nasi Melayu

Nasi Padang Nain

Seetoh tells this story of discovering a long queue at this particular Malay point-point rice stall. Being the kaypoh foodie that he is, Seetoh went to investigate and found a friendly Makcik deep-frying eight-inch pieces of ikan kuning. She scooped up 20-30 of the golden brown fish and then the magic happened… Auntie lovingly dipped each and every ikan kuning in her special-recipe sambal, drowning each fish in her spicy sauce, as seen in the picture above.

Indeed, this Nasi Melayu stall is all about the fish. People queue just for the chance to tear into the sambal-gilded ikan on rice. Add some telur, green bean crackers, a bit of sayur lodeh, some ikan bilis… Bliss!

For a hit of heaven in the form of fantastic fried fish, do try:

Sims Vista Food Centre
Blk 49 Sims Place
Open: 7am-8pm
Closed on Public Holidays and Ramadan



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