Searching for that Elusive Putu Piring

Kueh Tutu

A couple of weeks ago, your Makan Kakis told you about that rare Malay delicacy, the gula melaka stuffed rice flour cakes, Putu Piring. 

Now, when we said rare, we didn’t mean for it to be that hard to find! So to all who scoured Eunos Crescent for a taste of Kurnia Putu Piring, we apologise profusely.

If you haven’t already read our update, sadly, Kurnia has had to shut its doors, but we were fortunate enough to be contacted by the previous boss himself, Mr Ahmad Kassim, who whilst hunting for new shop space, still does catering for office functions, house parties, etc.

He will personally come to you with his steamers and make his irresistably fluffy, oozy treats for you on-the-spot! Story is, he’s the brother-in-law of the famous Haig Road stall owner and his putu piring are just as good, if slightly bigger in size.

To try Kurnia Putu Piring, call Mr Ahmad Kassim @ 81306472.

Putu Piring – Kueh Tutu’s softer, fluffier, oozier cousin


Or to try the other delicious version, visit:

Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring
970 Geylang (Onan Road)
Mr Teh Tarik
Opens after Hari Raya break from 20 Aug 2013
11am – 10pm
Tel: 96883067

Blk 14 Haig Road
Haig Road Hawker Centre


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