Roasted Meats Rule!


If you want to sink your teeth into something juicy, meaty, yet crispy, you’ve got to try the roasted delights this husband and wife team offer…

Roasted pork belly or Siew Yoke, as the Cantonese call it, is the top seller at this stall, which sees snaking queues and sells out by 11am. The pork belly here is roasted to perfection – not too fatty yet still very juicy, with a crackling skin that is biscuit-crunchy like keropok! So please get there early and join the line for your fix of crispy roast pork.

If you get there too late though, not all is lost – their next best thing is the Char Siew, which comes nicely caramelised and depending on the cut of meat used for the day, full of moreish texture. Their “glass-style” char siew is a sinful winner, so-called because of its appearance – so fatty that it looks like glass! When it comes to flavour, you simply can’t beat fat!

Fu Shi Traditional Roast Meat & Wanton Mee
Shunfu Food Mart
Blk 320 Shunfu Road
Open: 8am – 1.30pm (Closed Mon & Tues)



One thought on “Roasted Meats Rule!

  1. The char Siew n roast pork belly so so only nearby sin ming rd got kopi tiam sell famous teochew duck n soup Good Good Good , bak kut teh n Char Siew roast duck roast pork taste better . Go check it out 3 nice food in 1 kopi shop Cheers Taxi uncle Daniel

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