Boiled Noodles Aren’t Boring…

Selera Kita Mee Rebus

… especially when we’re talking about Mee Rebus! This week, Seetoh asks: ” What makes a good plate?” Obviously the sauce, but what is it that gives a sauce that special touch? In a word, GRAGO. Intensely earthy, seafoody dried mini-shrimp, or krill. Blended with potato starch, potato mash and a meaty stock, with a little bit of spicy rempah and you’ve got the makings of a great sauce.

One stall stands out above all not just a for their sauce but also for its ability to take you back to the kampong days. This mee rebus is so simple, so humble, fans say it reminds them of their childhood, how mee rebus used to taste back in the good old days. Almost 10 years ago, this makcik was selling her mee rebus for $1.20 and guess what? She still sells it at that price (albeit in smaller portions)! She also has a $1.50 version. Gently boiled yellow mee, sauce, a hard-boiled egg, fried shallots, sliced green chillis, a little squeeze of lime… Aaaah, bliss! Long queues indicate how good the stuff being served here is, so for a plate of nostalgia you’ve got to try arguably the most famous mee rebus in Singapore….

Selera Kita
The Market Place @ 58
Blk 58 New Upper Changi Road
Open Mon – Thurs: 8am-1pm (closed Fridays)

Listen to this week’s saucy episode here!



Warung Hj Sukarjo Mee Rebus
Bonus: Warong HJ Sukarjo Mee Rebus, #01-183
Open only on Fridays! Talk about a 2-stall tag-team!

It seems that in the very same hawker centre, just a stone’s throw away, is another stall that serves up equally good Mee Rebus but with twice as much noodles, so you’ll never go without! Seetoh compares both and weighs in on their flavours here.


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