Best Burger

The Choco-Lamb Burger!

So what’s a burger doing on this little blog? Firstly, hamburgers have become so much a part of our comfort-food landscape, it’s something Denise craves often, second only to a good bowl of fishball noodles! Secondly, it’d be criminal not to highlight the hard work of a local boy who puts as much passion and creativity into his burgers as he possibly can. Now, Seetoh is not a fan of your typical fast food burger, but when it’s an artisanal, hand-made-with-love burger with weird, yet wonderful flavours, textures and sauces, Seetoh is sold, especially on this guy…

In the humble corner of a Bukit Merah kopitiam, you’ll find Andrew’s very professional, artisanal set-up, where the burger patties are hand-formed from 100% pure meat (no binders, fillers, coagulants) and made fresh to order, one-by-one. Yes, you can expect a 10-20 minute wait, but that’s what his snazzy beepers are for – kick back with a cold one and when your beeper starts vibrating, get ready to start salivating!

First of all, fat is key to a great tasting burger. He doesn’t skimp on the fat factor in each meat patty, which means you get both flavour and juiciness. There’s not one burger on the extensive menu that’s bad – and you’ll definitely find one to suit your palate, from Portabello mushroom to Hawaiin pineapple. But the burger your Makan Kakis are shouting about today has got to be the ridiculous Choco-Lamb Burger!

Bizarre, yet brilliant! Don’t knock it, till you’ve tried it. One bite will tell you that chocolate-hazelnut spread goes surprisingly well with baa-baa black sheep. Look at the picture above – you’ve got a gamey, fatty lamb patty that’s nicely charred on the edges and cooked to taste, combined with a sweet slather of Nutella and carmelised red onions. In Chef Andrew’s own words, “the Nutella takes away some of the gaminess of the Lamb and the Lamb takes away the sweetness of the Nutella.” Indeed. This is one unusual burger that really works! Try it, along with its other beefy brothers and sisters over at:

De Burg
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Tues-Thurs: 11.30am – 3pm, 6 – 9pm
Fri-Sun: 11.30am – 3pm, 6.30 – 9pm
Closed Mondays & last Tuesdays of every month

Listen to this week’s meateriffic episode again!


2 thoughts on “Best Burger

  1. Hi Denise & Makan Kakis:
    (Merry Christmas to our hardworking)
    Jingle Belle,
    To eat well,
    Go to OLIVO !
    They’re open Christmas Day,
    A little plug for them, pleas can you say??

    Chef Sam’s a “special one”,
    His burgers = more than just great buns,
    Quality ingredients for you & for me,
    Give them a try please, so for yourself you can see?

    (Just a note here from a satisfied customer & Friend ; to get them business, I’d like to see 😀)

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