Accept DeFeet – Chicken Feet, that is!


For those who aren’t squeamish (Denise is), CHICKEN FEET can bring such a simple, joyous pleasure out of eating. With today’s affluence and chichi dining options, Seetoh reckons the enjoyment of chicken feet is a lost art, that’s why this week, we highlight the slippery, gelatinous, addictiveness of what aficionados call  Phoenix Claws or fung chao.

There is a, quite literally, FAMOUS wanton mee stall that serves up plate after plate of tasty QQ noodles with char siew, boiled and fried wantons in a silky umami sauce, but truly, the highlight  there is the deep-fried, then stewed chicken feet – it comes thick, juicy, softly textured yet firm.

You have to meet lady boss Linda, who boils the chicken feet first, so that they absorb the stock and puff up a little, then deep-fries the feet so that they tighten back up and lock in the texture and flavour! Next, she stews the feet very gently, without stirring or moving the pot, so that the feet stay gloriously intact – no skin breakage, no loose digits! You can take your time to chew – the skin slides right off as you work on it with your mouth – part of the fun is spitting out the knobbly little digits one by one, like bullets!

Add a thick, salty-sweet earthy sauce with whole shiitake mushrooms to the soft, gooey, gorgeous feet and your eyes will soon be rolling backwards in your sockets from the taste & texture explosion. It’s enough to convince Denise to try some chicken feet!

Don’t wait already! Hurry, go and indulge at:
Da Jie Famous Wanton Mee
209 Jalan Besar (Sam Leong Road)
Open 7am-2.30pm daily (Closed on Sundays & PHs)

LISTEN again to this week’s episode!


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