Apom with Aplomb!

Heavens India Apom

Once apom a time, there was a lady who had heavenly culinary skills who opened a heavenly little curry stall in the west…

Decades later, she’s still at it, whipping up perfect little sombrero-shaped delicacies over her mini griddles. This Indian dough dish is deceptively simple to look at, but requires talent and timing to make. Firstly, the dough has to be of the right consistency, so that one deft splash into the pan coats the sides with a thin layer that crisps up beautifully, whilst the remaining batter collects at the rounded bottom and cooks to fluffy perfection. Flavour-wise, there is a hint of sweet, rich coconut milk that cuts through the delightful tang from the magical fermented semolina flour dough. Add grated coconut and orange sugar, mmmmmmmmm! That’s the traditional presentation, but these days, there are other new-fangled options, like the irresistably decadent melted cheese and egg apom with chicken curry.  So savoury, so hearty, so comforting! Rated DIE-DIE-MUST-TRY in Makansutra 2013.

Heaven’s Indian Curry
Blk 20, Ghim Moh Road
Ghim Moh Market
Open daily 6am – 2pm

For the Easties, good news! You can try Heaven’s Indian Curry too, because her son, Suren, has opened up a branch at Simpang Bedok! Apparently, this ambitious 20-something-year-old quit his job to learn from his mother and preserve the apom tradition, so we salute this young man, whose skills are almost on par with the Mothership! 😀

Heaven’s Heritage
Kampung @ Simpang Bedok
348 Bedok Road
Open Tues – Sat  8am – 8pm
Sundays 8am – 2pm
Closed Mondays

Suren makes FRESH HANDMADE PUTU MAYAM which his mum doesn’t, so it may well be worth the trip for a taste at these new Heaven’s Heritage branches:

  • Kranji MRT Kopitiam (opened)
  • Jurong Point Basement Kopitiam (opens first week Oct)
  • NUH Medical Centre Kopitiam (opens end October)
  • Opening Hours for all three outlets are DAILY 7am-9pm!

Listen to this week’s episode again!


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