This Head is Steaming!


Feeling overstuffed? Been indulging too much lately? Then how about something really lovely, light yet intensely comforting? How about some steamed fish head?

If you’re squeamish, hang on a minute – the portion served at this week’s recommendation includes much more than the head, there’s a little bit of meaty torso involved here – this is one steamed carp you’ve got to try….

But first, a word on fish heads – this is where all that delicious fishy flavour resides! And as for steaming, ask any skilled Chinese chef and he will tell you that the most difficult, challenging aspect of working in a Chinese restaurant kitchen is mastering the steaming division. Which is what makes this steamed carp so special – it is done with great care and skill.

Seetoh has been going to this zichar place since he was a child – the Mother is still there, the Father is semi-retired, but has passed on his culinary skills and techniques on to his children. One son focuses purely on steaming and his super-fresh steamed carp head is always steamed to perfection – lots of textures, ranging from soft, smooth and meaty,  to oozy, gooey and melt-in-your-mouth.

And then there’s the sauce – a lip-smacking combination of soya sauce, oil, tau cheo, sour plum, scallions, chillies and for extra umaminess, salted fish! Drizzled all over the fish, garnished with a decadent sprinkling of crispy, deep-fried lard “croutons” and accompanied with a steaming-hot bowl of fluffy white rice, this steamy dish is so comforting, so simple, so delicious, so DIE-DIE-MUST-TRY!

Sik Wai Sin Eating House

287 Geylang Road

Open daily for Lunch & Dinner: 12pm-2.30pm, 5.45pm-9pm

Tel: 67440129


Champion Chapati


What’s a healthier version of Roti Prata? Some say it’s CHAPATI, so where can you get the best of these Indian flat breads? Read on chaps…

Wheat flour is used in the dough and these delectable circles of goodness are fried expertly over a hot griddle without any oil. They prevent the dough from sticking by showering said griddle with plenty of flour. The result is a roasty, soft chapati that you want to tear into immediately! Ok, the chapati may be oil-free and healthy, but hey, we all need to balance things out, so be sure to slather everything with bowls of their sinfully rich curries!

A trip to this week’s recommended stall will reveal their interesting chapati-making ritual – One guy is in charge of just making the dough balls, one guy is stationed at the griddle, flipping out stacks of champion chapatis – he controls the heat, fries the dough balls flat and uses a cloth buff to tap the rotis, as they puff up on the heat, only to collapse once removed and ready to eat. Ordering just one is simply not enough! Get at least 3 to soak up the delicious curries – you can choose from a whole variety, including vegetarian dhal, meatballs, or chicken curry, but foodies always go for the LAMB!!!

 Azmi Restaurant
786 Norris Road (Junction with Serangoon Rd)
Thye Chong Restaurant
Open 7am – 10pm Daily


Super Secret Japanese is no Secret Anymore!

Meii sashimi

This week, Seetoh reveals a japanese joint he has mentioned before – a highly secretive locally -born, Japan-trained chef who used to run a tiny restaurant that was only open to regulars. But now, said chef has moved and opened a new place in the heart of the CBD, where you are free to enter and taste of his amazingly fresh and tasty creations.

Chef Ah Hong trained – blood, sweat, tears – enduring 13 years of sahimi/ sushi training from Japanese masters before returning to Singapore with a mission to feed people good Japanese food at reasonable prices. So while a meal at his tiny 16-seater restaurant may set you back a couple of hundred bucks, you would have eaten your fill, had your mind blown and paid a lot less than you would at other chi-chi Japanese restaurants.

Generally, you leave things up to Chef and he’ll surprise you – from his light and wonderfully crispy wild yam chips, to his otoro (fatty tuna belly) sashimi prepared chunky fisherman/ kampung-style, to his sushi creations like hand rolls that look like uni (sweet, creamy, sinfully-rich sea urchin) ice-cream cones, to more exotic fare like whole tuna eyes ( they look like tennis balls!) stewed in a umami stock of soy, onions and other secret ingredients – everything is hearty, tasty and down-to-earth.  Just go and be wowed by his creativity, as you eat in a simple, no-frills setting – the focus is 100% on the food here!

Meii Sushi
10 Anson Road
International Plaza
Open for lunch and dinner: Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, Mon-Sat 6-10pm
Closed Sundays & Public Holidays

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