Champion Chapati


What’s a healthier version of Roti Prata? Some say it’s CHAPATI, so where can you get the best of these Indian flat breads? Read on chaps…

Wheat flour is used in the dough and these delectable circles of goodness are fried expertly over a hot griddle without any oil. They prevent the dough from sticking by showering said griddle with plenty of flour. The result is a roasty, soft chapati that you want to tear into immediately! Ok, the chapati may be oil-free and healthy, but hey, we all need to balance things out, so be sure to slather everything with bowls of their sinfully rich curries!

A trip to this week’s recommended stall will reveal their interesting chapati-making ritual – One guy is in charge of just making the dough balls, one guy is stationed at the griddle, flipping out stacks of champion chapatis – he controls the heat, fries the dough balls flat and uses a cloth buff to tap the rotis, as they puff up on the heat, only to collapse once removed and ready to eat. Ordering just one is simply not enough! Get at least 3 to soak up the delicious curries – you can choose from a whole variety, including vegetarian dhal, meatballs, or chicken curry, but foodies always go for the LAMB!!!

 Azmi Restaurant
786 Norris Road (Junction with Serangoon Rd)
Thye Chong Restaurant
Open 7am – 10pm Daily



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