For the Love of Curry Puffs

Willin & Denise

Hot on the heels of the successful re-launch of his Mod-Sin restaurant Wild Rocket, Gold 90FM is delighted to finally have Chef-Owner Willin Low onboard as a Makan Kaki!

And the first thing you should know about our new foodie friend is, he really, really, REALLY loves curry puffs! He eats them any chance he gets and believe us, there are many chances, as far as Willin is concerned! Just check out his Instagram feed (#thecurrypuffincident) and you’ll see what we mean! So it’s no surprise that for his very first episode with us, he chose to talk about his all-time favourite local snack.

First of all, it’s an all-in-one food – it’s portable, compact and even its packaging is edible. Just think: a delicious crust encapsulating ingredients bursting with spicy flavour – what’s not to love about curry puffs? And you know you’ve got a good curry puff in your hands if the crust is good enough to eat on its own!

Here are three of Willin’s current favourites:

Katong Chicken Curry Puff
Katong Chicken Curry Puff

These guys have been producing top quality curry puffs for years and years. In fact, they make their own curry powder and are very generous with their chunks of chicken in the filling. Best eaten fresh and hot, right out of the fryer!

Katong Chicken Curry Puff
Blk 84 Marine Parade Central
Open: Tue – Sun, 8am – 6pm
Closed on Mondays

Lagoon Chicken Curry Puff

These curry puffs have been made and sold for years at East Coast Lagoon and the old man who makes them is still there making them by hand, rolling out his dough (made with lard!!!) with his trusty old glass soya sauce bottle. Spicy and addictive.

Lagoon Chicken Curry Puff
Stall #28
East Coast Lagoon Food Village
1220 East Coast Park Service Road
Open daily: 3 – 9pm (but it sells out fast, so go earlier!)

Baba Curry Puff
Baba Curry Puff

This newer kid on the block is Willin’s latest discovery and boasts several branches, but he swears by the Potong Pasir stall. While the first two curry puffs are Hainanese with pastry made from short crust, this Nyonya version is different. Made by a Peranakan chef whose recipe is extra messy in the best way possible. One bite and you’ll be dealing with melt-in-your-mouth flakes and unctuous filling everywhere! The crust, in particular, is flaky and has that distinct spiral/ shell pattern after it is deep fried.

The Baba Curry Puff Cafe
Blk 137 Potong Pasir Avenue 3
Open 24 Hours Daily