More Than Just Prawn Noodles & Nasi Lemak

Everyone knows Adam Road Food Centre is a great place to go for famous Nasi Lemak & Prawn Noodles, but this week, our brand new Makan Kaki, The Fabulous Baker Boy Juwanda Hassim, suggests we look closer for other delicious options. Having grown up a stone’s throw from the hawker centre, Juwanda reveals his three favourite stalls:
1. Zaiton Satay, run by the affable Yusoff, serves up flavourful skewers of charcoal-grilled meats, ranging from chicken, to beef, to mutton. These aren’t just sticks of minced mush, but proper chunks of spice-infused marinated meat, with just enough fat to keep things moist and tender.
But the real winner and star of this stall is the savoury sauce – a little sweet, very peanuty, with a powerful, spicy kick that goes tremendously well with the satay. Take a look at that “cauldron” of hot, simmering sauce – you know that it’s good when they sell out in no time!

2. Another favourite is the stall that serves up piping-hot bowls of Sop Kambing. Bahrakath Mutton Soup is the King of all mutton soups, as far as both Juwanda & Denise are concerned!
They both agree on its irresistable taste – throat-ticklingly peppery, satisfyingly savoury, comforting and full of meaty flavour without being too gamey. This is a standard serving of spicy soup with boneless meat, but you have lots of other options, if you prefer different parts – leg, tongue, brain, tripe and Juwanda’s top choice, RIBS!

3. If meats aren’t your thing, head to Adam Seafood BBQ for their signature panggang stingray, slathered in sambal chilli.
This BBQ stingray is always fresh, smokey and charred from the grill, but still juicy and packed with flavour from the sambal, which is a little sweet, not too fiery, yet perfectly balanced. For Juwanda, eating is always more pleasurable when the dish holds a certain nostalgia and this one does – he’s been eating the stingray here since he was a teen and it still tastes the same!

Be sure to ask for their ridiculously good chinchalok dipping sauce too if you’re eating here. It’s so addictive, Juwanda can eat it alone with a spoon – the salty, shrimpy stuff should be sold in jars!


Adam Road Food Centre
Zaiton Satay (Open Daily, 8am – 9pm)
Bahrakath Mutton Soup (Open Daily, 1pm – 3am)
Adam Seafood BBQ (Open Tues – Sun, 4.30pm – 12 midnight)

Juwanda & Denise

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