Indian Vegetarian

Violet Oon is a true daughter of Singapore with her decidedly local palate and love for not just her own Nyonya cuisine, but for foods that she grew up with, from Nasi Padang to searingly sedap Indian curries. Little India is, of course, one place to visit for curries galore, but rather than the usual fish head banana leaf variety, how bout some Indian Vegetarian? This is Violet’s favourite:
MNWR Entrance
Madras New Woodlands Restaurant is a bit of an institution, having been in Little India for more than 30 years, and they continue to produce consistently tasty vegetarian options at a truly great price.
Violet loves the lighter, healthier veggie spread served up on a Thali (the large tray), with its array of little bowls full of dhal, yogurt, pappadam, and different curried vegetables. The dishes are healthier and lighter because they really let the natural flavours of the vegetables and spices shine, without being over-seasoned. Don’t forget to order a portion of vegetarian Briyani to soak up all the lovely gravies! IMG_4141

4 fave veggie curries (clockwise L-R): long beans and carrot, cabbage, panneer (cheese) and brinjal
Cauliflower, potato & mustard seed
Dessert – Served on the same tray, not to be confused with the savouries! This is a sweet, cardamom-perfumed soup with strands of noodle and sago.

If you like, there are other tasty morsels on offer from the extensive menu. Check out the apom being cooked ala minute in bespoke mini kwalis before the diners’ eyes:
IMG_4163IMG_4167IMG_4165IMG_4170 IMG_4169IMG_4159

Apom your heart to me, baby!

Also available are Chaat (in Violet’s words, a “snacky afternoon tea affair” with munchies that blend the hot, sweet, sour tastes beautifully). This is just one of many on the menu, called Samosa Chaat, which is literally crispy potato samosas chopped up and smothered in a sweet & sour sauce with chickpeas, cilantro, onion and muruku:

Indian Vegetarian
Dosa, Vadai and Bhaji

Enticing you after your meal as you make your exit are these sweets for dine-in or takeaway, which go great with a hot cup of Masala Chai:

After all that eating, the best thing is discovering that your bill comes in at under $10! So really, a visit to Madras New Woodlands is an all-day affair with really delicious options that give you serious value-for-money. If you haven’t tried it already, go! And to all our Hindu listeners, Happy Deepavali!


Madras New Woodlands Restaurant
14 Upper Dickson Road
Open Daily: 7.30am – 11:30pm
Phone: 62971594


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