Mighty Murtabak!

Our Makan Kaki, The Fabulous Baker Boy, Juwanda Hassim, recommends a visit to a Singapore institution that really needs no introduction. We all have heard of the famous Zam Zam, just opposite Sultan Mosque – that they’ve been around since 1908 is a testament to their delicious food & whilst their signature Chicken Briyani is a consistent favourite, Juwanda says don’t just stop there. Here are 2 other MUST-TRY dishes on their menu:


Mutton Murtabak

Juwanda’s love for this local pan-fried meat “sandwich” knows no bounds. Literally. Even being on a different continent did not stop him from enjoying Zam Zam’s mouth-watering Murtabak, so take it from him – if you live abroad, it’s absolutely transportable, freezable and can be reheated to utter crisp deliciousness in a toaster oven. He used to get his family to wrap his beloved frozen Murtabak in newspaper and hand-carry it to Germany and Bangkok, where he used to live!

Why is it so good? First of all, it’s HUGE! And heavy, but only because it’s packed with meat. The pastry itself is light and crisp, not thick and chewy (although all murtabak get a tad chewy if not eaten hot & immediately). That toasty, super tasty flavour from the well-used griddle permeates the Murtabak and it’s not over-poweringly spiced – just a little curry powder, turmeric, coriander and onions for scent and colour does the trick! Best of all, it’s still wrapped in Banana Leaf for extra fragrance.

The other dish you should dig into is their Bee Hoon Goreng Merah – fried rice vermicelli that’s packed with flavour, but not oversaturated with the red food colouring. It’s just a good, solid noodle dish that really hits the spot.

zamzam briyani
Chicken Briyani
Zam Zam Restaurant – since 1908!












Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant
697 North Bridge Road
Daily: 8am – 11pm
Phone: 62986320


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