Sea-food, Feel-Joy

Singapore may be called a “Seafood Paradise”, and Singaporeans certainly have an appetite for it, but in truth, there are few seafood restaurants that really stand out. This week’s Makan Kaki, Don Mendoza, likes a place that offers up familiar flavours but with a twist. In his opinion, a good dish needs to have a balance of both – a little bit of innovation and more importantly, nostalgia that gives you a taste you recognize and puts you in a state of comfort. With these criteria in mind, Don recommends an old-school, Singaporean-Chinese-style seafood restaurant that has undergone a little renovation and name-change. Formerly known as West Coast Seafood, it’s now called Joyden Seafood. As far as good value and really honest flavours go, these are the 2 dishes Don recommends:

joyden creamy crab
1. Signature Creamy Crab
This dish looks really decadent, almost as if it’s been bathed & slathered in a fatty salted-egg concoction, but actually, the sauce is made from pumpkin puree, which is surprisingly light and tasty, yet rich enough to satisfy any Singaporean palate. The pumpkin puree is enhanced with a little milk, lots of curry leaves and chilli padi for kick. The crab is sold at market price, generally about $5.80/100g.

joyden oyster sauce chicken
2. Oyster Sauce Chicken
Sounds really simple and commonplace, right? But we assure you, this dish is really quite wonderful. At $28 for a whole chicken (a small family can share), this dish gives you real value-for-money. The bird is stuffed with chives and garlic, then roasted till its skin is crisp and burnished, before being braised in superior oyster sauce for about THREE hours, until the meat is super-tender and falling off the bone.

Of course, Joyden Seafood serves up all the other typical seafood favourites like chilli crab, but just the Creamy Crab & Oyster Sauce Chicken alone are worth that long trip out to the West Coast, for a truly delicious experience!


West Coast Recreation Centre
12 West Coast Walk
Tel: 67795355
Open Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6 – 10.30pm

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