Dreaming of Local & Peranakan Delights?

Hello! We have a brand-new Makan Kaki joining our esteemed group of Gastronomical Gurus and she is none other than Founder/ Big Boss of local Theatre Company Dream Academy, fellow Dim Sum Dolly and my friend, Selena Tan! It’s not hard to see how much Selena loves her food and she has many wonderful places to recommend, but to start things off, she absolutely HAS to start with the one who started her love for food – her adorable mum, Daisy!

Selena’s mum Daisy with Denise

Daisy has always loved to cook – from her days of growing up in a kampong and trading recipes with the aunties there, along with learning from her own mother and her mother’s mother, this original Kampong Bahru girl has amassed an impressive array of local and Peranakan dishes that are simply too good not to share! That’s why she decided to open up a humble little stall at Tiong Bahru Market to begin with. Fast forward a few years and that stall has since become a full-fledged family restaurant in the Clementi/ West Coast area, called Daisy’s Dream Kitchen. Selena and her brother are in on this venture and the food has loyal fans flocking back for more.

It was really hard to get Selena to narrow down a list of her favourites, but here are some of hers (and mine!):
Delicious, deep-fried appetisers hot from the wok! Daisy’s wildly popular Ngoh Hiang (juicy little pork and prawn balls with lots of garlic and crunchy water chestnut). Sedap with her addictively pedas and limey sambal belacan.


Crispy-fried, well-seasoned chicken wings – MORE please!


Instead of the usual Ayam Buah Keluak, Daisy’s serves Babi Buah Keluak – pork that is fall-off-the-bone tender, a thick rich gravy and that quintessential black gold – smooth, nutty, salty, bitter-sweet-spicy filling you must gorek lovingly from the shells to mix with the killer lime sambal belachan and white rice!

Here are a couple more good ones – the tangy, earthy Black Ink Sotong. Assam is used very liberally in this unique squid dish. And Lagi best! An acquired taste, but Sambal Petai with ikan billis is pungent, tasty and has lots of crunchy texture. Also, look out for the weekly/ bi-monthly specials that always has diners requesting they be added to the permanent menu:

Selena and one of her favourite weekly specials, Masala Chicken
Nonya Laksa – a hot weekly special not to be missed!
Typical feast at Daisy’s Dream Kitchen

From Nonya Chap Chye, to deep-fried ikan stuffed with sambal, to Bakwan Kepiting (pork ball soup), to otak-otak and chicken curry, a meal at Daisy’s Dream Kitchen is like coming home to family, and a heart-warming home-cooked meal that is both delightful & delicious!



DAISY’S DREAM KITCHEN – Peranakan & Local Delights
Blk 517, West Coast Road
Tel: 67791781
Open Tues – Sun (closed Monday)
Lunch 11am – 3pm
Dinner 6 -10pm


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