Killer Kway Chap!


Tender Kway Chap in broth, braised tau pok, large intestine and fish cake!

If you’re craving a hot, steaming bowl of comforting pig parts, this is one place you’ve got to try! Our foodie friend Selena Tan is rather obsessed with the Kway Chap here and on her own admission, goes at least once a week (sometimes more!) and orders so much at one go that the uncle there recognises her and knows exactly what she wants. And what Selena wants is pig’s intestines – LOTS OF IT! The large intestine, to be exact. It’s beautifully prepared in the gorgeous brew of soy and spices and goes so well with the slippery sheets of tender rice kway.


Selena wielding tongs, choosing her favourite ingredients!

Be sure to order lots of intestines, but make room for the other tasty braised tidbits on offer, like tofu (tau pok, tau kwa), chicken feet, hard-boiled eggs and fishcake. The gravy is superb and so is the chilli – get lots and share! In fact, this is a great place to bond with your family over breakfast! Selena often gets together here with her whole family (parents, brothers and sisters) for hot bowls of delicious Kway Chap.


Uncle hard at work fixing up steaming bowls of piggy goodness!


114 Pasir Panjang Road (corner of Pepys Road)
Open: Tues – Sat, 7am – 3pm
 (closed Sundays, Mondays & public holidays)


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