Kuah-lified, Certified, Shiok!

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photo courtesy of makansutra.com

This week, KF Seetoh takes us to Jalan Sultan, where a whole variety of Indian Muslim delicacies can be found, and some say the birthplace of Sup Tulang. But it’s not exactly that bone marrow soup we’re talking about today. Another die-die-must-try dish is Mee Kuah. This is a true-blue, made-in-Singapore dish, created by local Indian Muslims and can only be found here, which is even more reason to shout from the rooftops how delicious this noodle dish is.

Try the Mee Kuah at the shop opened by Mr Deen – his parents used to ply the Jalan Sultan area as street hawkers and he has since carried on this proud family tradition, albeit now in a fixed location at a 2-storey shophouse. Imagine, if you will, a soup that is similar to Sup Tulang Merah gravy – rich, thick and redolent with spices. It’s sweet, savoury, spicy, gamey and full-on shiok! Meat like mutton or chicken is added for a protein oomph, along with juicy prawns and a scattering of cabbage.

photo courtesy of makansutra.com

To top it all off, a soft-centred egg crowns the noodles, waiting for you to break the yolk so that its oozy silkiness can mingle and enrich the already sinful soup! It’s gonna be difficult for you to stop at one bowl, so hurry down to Jalan Sultan now for the uniquely Singaporean Mee Kuah!

M A Deen Biasa
95 Jalan Sultan
Open 5pm-2am daily

Or you can also try it next week at the World Street Food Congress, 8-12 April – Deen will have a stall there, along with 23 other stalls from 12 cities. That way, you can get your Mee Kuah fix and also eat your way happily across the globe all in one place – at the open field near Bugis.


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