Putu Mayam

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photo courtesy of makansutra.com

Putu Mayam is a wonderful, traditional dish that is hard to find these days and even if you could find it, you probably won’t like it – mainly because most places that sell it use the frozen, factory made kind. However, rejoice, because our Makan Kaki KF Seetoh has the intel on where you can find really, really good Putu Mayam!

He is possibly the only person in Singapore who makes it fresh and from scratch – Surendran is a new generation hawker who used to help his mum at her famous apom stall in Ghim Moh, but since then he has struck out on his own, researched and experimented until he has perfected his Putu Mayam recipe.

He uses a delicious rice flour mixture in his pump-contraption, which pushes these little strands of beehoon dough, so to speak, over his steamer. Using circular motions over the steamer, he creates these delectable “beehoon” pancakes, which then can be eaten hot and fresh in the classic way with orange sugar and coconut, or with an awesome chicken curry.

Putu Mayam
Kopitiam Foodcourt
Changi Airport Terminal 3


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