Smokin’ Hot Japanese BBQ

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This week, our Makan Kaki, Chubby Hubby Aun Koh shares with us his favourite Yakiniku place in Singapore…
As far as grilled meats go, Aun has discovered that he much prefers Japanese BBQ, Yakiniku to the Western versions, mainly because you can order different cuts of meat, which means more choice, and because he’s a self-confessed control freak, so he likes that he gets to cook for himself and others at his own pace!
Owned by a famous Japanese butchery, Yazawa Meat is the best Yakiniku in town according to Aun, mainly because of the variety and quality of the meat. Back in the old days, this butchery used to supply all the Yakiniku places in Japan but now have their own restaurants in Tokyo and also here in Singapore. Whole cows are shipped in from Japan to Singapore and to assure customers of the quality they’re getting, each cow is bestowed a special number, which is proudly displayed on the wall just outside the kitchen. The choicest cuts are available on their special menu insert and are truly exquisite – behold!
Of course, you’ll be paying for the quality of the meats (everything from pork to chicken to beef) you order off the special menu, but even if you decide on the less expensive main menu, everything is deliciously fresh and well-seasoned. But let’s be honest here: if you dine at Yazawa Meat, you’re really there for the BEEF! The meats come from Australia, the USA and of course, Japan (Wagyu is the highest grade).

Off the grill, be sure to also order the Yuke, which is an irresistible Japanese-Korean-style steak tartare. Unlike its French cousin, the Yuke is seasoned with Asian spices and sauces and really suits the Asian palate. Topped off with a raw egg, Aun assures us it’s a dish you’ll want to have all to yourself, no sharing!
Vegetables are pretty much an after-thought when you’ve got carnivorism in mind, but it has to be said that even their green sides are tasty and beautifully seasoned, especially their super-strong, super-flavourful shredded chive salad!
11 Unity Street
Robertson Walk
Open Daily: 6-11.30pm
Tel: 6235-2941


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