When In Italy…

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Via http://www.facebook.com/initaly.bar.restaurant

This week, your Makan Kaki Don Mendoza takes you to a home-style, casual Italian restaurant run by a very seasoned chef, Chef Mario Caramella, who’s been helming a kitchen that consistently turns out authentic, quality Italian dishes. Besides your pastas, risottos and usual Italian staples, in Italy does have a few surprising finds on their menu.

In Don’s opinion (and he hopes it’s still on the menu), the stand-out dish would be in Italy‘s Gran Bollito Misto, which is a very traditional Italian dish of boiled meats served with several condiments, like Salsa Verde, Tomato Sauce and grated horseradish. While the idea of boiled meats probably doesn’t sound very appetising, Don assures us that it tastes incredible because it’s been slow-boiled to get the meats nice and tender and there’s a whole variety of cuts in the dish – beef, veal, veal tongue for those who like something a little more exotic but with lots of great texture, chicken which always adds sweetness to any dish, Don’s favourite other white meat, pork and a selection of root vegetables.

The Gran Bollito Misto is lovely, comforting dish that’s served in a stone bowl to retain its heat, so it remains warm on the table for a long time. And at the risk of sounding cheesy, Don says this dish is truly a heart-warming one that lingers long after the dish has cooled!

Via http://www.facebook.com/initaly.bar.restaurant

in Italy
38 Craig Road
Open Daily
Lunch: 12-2.30pm
Dinner: 6-10.30pm
Reservations: +65 64230918


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