Perfect for You and MEE

chinsindeniseHello, Makan Kakis! We have a brand new foodie friend joining our rolling panel of gourmands – Lee Chin Sin, who is not only a chef (he was behind Le Bistrot for about 10 years) and a restaurant owner (Lolla & Lollapalooza), he also recently won MediaCorp’s SG50 Gift of Song Songwriting Competition. So you could say, he marries music with makan in the most successful way!

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For his maiden makan recommendation, we talk about our favourite noodle dish, Mee Pok Tah – it always has to be dry, because “half of the experience is in the chilli sauce”! In Chin Sin’s opinion this place serves up the most perfectly balanced bowl of noodles – the seasoning is judicious, the noodles are expertly cooked and to use technical terminology, the fishballs are “doiing-doiing” (bouncy yet firm)! So delicious are the noodles, that Chin Sin happily rotates between mee pok, mee kia, kway teow and bee hoon – all are great – the seasoning, the sauce, the ingredients remain top-notch. You get bak chor (minced pork), fish balls, fish cake, her keow (fish dumplings), prawn and bean sprouts for a full-blown, earthy, wholesome, ideal bowl of noodles.

Katong (Jago ) Teochew Mee Pok Kway Teow Mee
Marine Parade Central Food Centre


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