Giant Live Prawn Noodles

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Pay attention, Prawn Mee lovers! This week, our irrepressible Makan Kaki, the Guru of Gluttony, KF Seetoh returns with a noodle place he recently discovered…

According to Seetoh, there are many versions of prawn mee across South-East Asia – Malaysia has their own and here in Singapore, he makes the distinction between Cantonese-style & Hokkien-style Prawn Noodles. The Hokkien version features a more robust, murky, thick stock made from blending together prawn heads while the Cantonese version features a delicate, clear broth and that’s the version Seetoh wants us to try today!

He was strolling along in the Old Airport Road Food Centre when he looked up and saw a live prawn leaping from a pot. Intrigued, he asked the old uncle and auntie manning the stall what was on their menu. They replied, “LIVE Prawn noodles”. Needless to say, Seetoh ordered up a bowl and was treated to one of the best he’s had. This is prawn mee with a difference, people – beautiful, light, yet tasty, clear Cantonese-style broth, QQ noodles blanched just so and the clincher – the freshest, juiciest prawns ever. The uncle grabbed a handful of the live prawns, washed them and into the simmering stock they went, giving them a very clean taste & snappy texture that was divine. Die-die must try!

Read more about this local favourite on!

Kallang Cantonese Prawn Noodles
Old Airport Road Food Centre
Open 8am-3pm, then 6pm-10pm
Close on irregular Tuesdays


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