Curry Classic

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With the History of Singapore Part 1 on till the end of the week, our Makan Kaki has been staying away from all the spicy foods she loves to protect her voice, but oh boy, when the stage show is wrapped, Selena Tan is definitely headed for a curry in a hurry! And when it comes to curries, this Dim Sum Dolly insists on legendary local institution Samy’s. She has been eating there with her family – Mum, dad, brothers & sisters – since she was 7 and till this day, they still go there for all things delicious and spicy!

photo (14)

Why? Well, in Selena’s words, there’s nothing like Samy’s Masala Chicken – she craves it, she eats it there, she takes it away and she even orders in bulk for parties – it’s that good! The secret is in the complex flavours and spices used – there are many layers to the taste and as you eat the chicken with lots of masala gravy, you get a real party of flavours in your mouth before the spice hits you. Another must-have is the addictive fish head curry with it’s thick, luscious gravy that you’ve got to scoop up with lots of crispy pappadum. The added lady’s fingers and brinjal just take this signature dish over the top for our vegetable-loving Makan Kaki! Speaking of veggies, do get the whole set meal on a banana leaf (as seen above) for longbeans, cabbage, daal, rice (or naan if you prefer) and all the different curries like Selena’s beloved Masala Chicken!

25 Dempsey Road
Tel: 6472 2080
11am – 3pm (Lunch)
6pm – 10pm (Dinner)
CLOSED every Tuesday


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