Appam Adoration

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If you live in the West, chances are you’re familiar with Ghim Moh Market, a veritable treasure trove of all things delicious. However, the original has been under renovations for a while now and thankfully many stalls have been relocated to a temporary market & food centre, including our Makan Kaki, Juwanda The Fabulous Baker Boy‘s favourite – something he calls a “lost art”. So it’s time for the unique Indian classic, APPAM, to be found!
You’ve got to pay a visit to Heaven’s Indian Curry in Ghim Moh for this nostalgic culinary tradition – they’ve been around for decades and produce excellent Thosai, Putu Mayam and yes, Appam. Understand that it is really quite rare to find the fresh, made-from-scratch kind and also understand that this is truly one of the go-to places for authentic, delicious appam, which is essentially a little pancake made from a fermented rice flour batter that is delicately cooked in a hot mini-wok.

The result is a light, tangy pancake that has lovely, paper-thin crisp edges and a middle that puffs up like a little globule due to the fermentation at work. When paired with orange sugar and coconut, you will rediscover the lost art of eating appam. In Juwanda’s words, you have a sweet and zingy dish that is simple, unadulterated, yet really amazing.

Since opening in the 90s, Heaven’s Indian Curry has spawned several other branches, started by the original owner/ chef’s son, but nothing beats the first and original stall! Try it – we hope you like it as much as your Makan Kaki!

Heaven’s Indian Curry
Ghim Moh Temporary Market & Food Centre
(Beside bus depot)


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