Northern Thai at Joe’s Kitchen

Today, we introduce you to yet another new Makan Kaki, whose work as Head Chef at the Unlisted Collection’s Cocotte & The Provision Shop speaks for itself – Please meet Anthony Yeoh! Click here for audio & get to know him better. He’s already OK in my books ‘cos he brought me a delicious snack from The Provision Shop!

Click here for today’s tangy-spicy-salty-sweet episode on Northern Thai Cuisine!

We’re going for a Thai treat in the heart of Bukit Merah, which was opened by a husband & wife team – Joe’s the husband & he’s from Thailand, hence the name Joe’s Thai Kitchen! Anthony highly recommends this super casual, relaxed stall that gives you phenomenal value-for-money, mainly Northern Thai-style dishes. Of the extensive menu, these are Anthony’s favourites:

1. Deep Fried Tilapia – a whole fish slathered in tangy-sweet Thai chilli sauce. This is his father’s absolute favourite and he could probably finish off the whole fish by himself if the family let him – it’s THAT GOOD!
photo 2photo 1
2. Tom Yum Nam Kone – this addictive soup is perfectly balanced – not too spicy, not too sour and packed with fragrant, fresh herbs and spices. You can order it with mixed seafood, fresh fish, prawn or chicken, but Anthony swears by the fried fish version. Why? The kicker is that they fry the fish to order, so it comes out hot, fresh & crispy, served separately so the crispy fish doesn’t get soggy sitting in the soup. Perfect with rice or you can even ask to add beehoon!
Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.47.14 PM
3. Mango Sticky Rice & Tapioca with Coconut Milk.
With tapioca, it can be very hit or miss because getting it cooked right is quite a skill. When not done right, tapioca can be hard and fibrous. But at Joe’s Thai Kitchen, they do it really will, till the tapioca is translucent and soft – you spoon will just glide through with ease. It’s the perfect end to a very tasty Thai meal!

Joe’s Thai Kitchen
Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1
(Opp. Alexandra Hospital)
Tel: 6270 8484
Open Daily: 11am – 3pm, 5 – 10pm

I love it when my Makan Kaki brings me breakfast!
Behold The Provision Shop’s delicious Reuben Sandwich!

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