Mee Rebus/ Mee Soto Power!

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Mee Rebus & Mee Soto power!

SELAMAT HARI RAYA HAJI! This week, our Makan Kaki, The Fabulous Baker Boy, Juwanda Hassim revisits a childhood favourite he thought he had lost forever. When he was in school, there was a stall in an old shophouse in Upper Serangoon he used to frequent with his classmates for out-of-this-world Mee Rebus.

Recently, his classmate revealed that the stall is still around and still serving up the same amazing food, just at a new location. If you are a fan of delicious, unique Mee Rebus, you might already know about the special “Mee Rebus Power” from Rahim Muslim Food. Imagine Juwanda’s joy at rediscovering this taste memory which has been around since the 1960s and passed down through 2 generations! What makes this Mee Rebus so “POWER” is you can order it with or without chicken and then the whole dish is slathered in a thick gravy that is topped with the spicy-sweet Satay peanut sauce. It’s rich, unctuous and packs a punch!

Another must-try (and possibly even more delicious than the Mee Rebus in Juwanda’s opinion) is the Mee Soto – the perfect balance of spices and wholesome chicken goodness. The uncle there is very obliging with which chicken parts you like. Be sure to have it with the sambal and the crispy begedil, which is made with lots of real potato, not padded out with heaps of flour.

Complete your feast with the satay (with lots and lots of the above-mentioned power peanut sauce). The chunks of meat have a real traditional smokiness, that can only be created from slow-grilling over charcoal, just like the satay sauce is slow-cooked to its irresistibly rich, nutty consistency.

Rahim Muslim Food
Block 721, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Fu Chan Coffee Shop
Open Daily 12 – 8pm
Closed alternate Sundays (but check their Facebook page for details)
Tel: 97867362


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