Lor You, Lor Mee!

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This week, our foodie friend and restaurant owner Lee Chin Sin reveals his favourite Lor Mee haunt. This traditional dish is hard to find, but has recently been experiencing a bit of a revival, so why not head over to Eunos to try this one out?
Fu Chun, or Hock Choon Lor Mee does a really amazing bowl of the noodles and whilst it’s traditionally done with usual ingredients and the thick gravy, the best part of this dish is their deep fried battered fish. It’s soft and tender on the inside, with a fluffy yet crispy batter – irresistible.
In fact, Chin Sin cheekily calls this the Lor Mee version of Fish & Chips! That certainly conjures up a vividly mouth-watering image, doesn’t it? And with a dish like Lor Mee which can be gloopy with the gravy and mostly soft and wet, that added crunch from the battered fish is a wonderful contrast.
The fish is always fresh and crispy because they are super-organised – there’s always someone in the back frying up small batches to replenish the supply. And let us tell you, there is a huge demand – you’ve got to get there early to avoid the rush and disappointment!

Hock Choon/ Fu Chun Laksa Lor Mee 福春叻沙卤面
Address: Block 4A, Eunos Crescent, #01-25 Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre
Open Daily: 9am – 3pm


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