Hokkien Snacks Deep-fried in Rich Tradition

Listen to this week’s deep-fried episode here!

This week, our Makan Kaki Violet Oon has a really great place to recommend – a stall that takes her way back to her early days as a professional food taster, in 1974. This stall is still around till this day, but goes back even further in time, back to the days of Old Singapore when hawkers literally sold their wares on the street.

This Hokkien snack stall used to operate out of China Street in the 1950s and moved to China Square in the 1970s, as a family business. These days, China Street Fritters has a stall in Maxwell Food Centre and is run by the Ng Brothers. Violet has been bowled over by the traditional flavours, the richness of the delicacies and along with many older folk who flock to the stall, testifies to the “original” taste of the fritters. In this day and age of factory-made products, it’s heart-warming to see folks who are still proudly making their food by hand, according to the same recipes that have been passed down through generations.

These are Violet’s top picks from China Street Fritters’ Menu:

      1. Guang Chiang – the traditional pink Hokkien sausage made from a lean pork & flour paste mixture, enhanced by the typically Hokkien/ Teochew deep fried flat fish called Pee Her, which gives the sausage a delightful umami. This mixture is stuffed into pig’s intestine and the distinctive pink is actually food colouring, which gives the Guan Chiang its traditional look.
      2. Ngor Hiang – Rolls made from minced pork, good quality Five Spice powder, all wrapped in bean curd skin, steamed, then deep fried.
      3. Liver Rolls – cubes of cooked liver, Chinese chives and slivers of pork fat (their secret ingredient for ultimate flavour!).
      4. Egg Slice (Gua Nerng) – Eggs beaten with flour, lard & other flavourings, steamed, sliced and then finally pan-fried. It’s almost like an egg chye tow kway! This one’s Violet’s favourite!
      5. Century Egg with ginger.
      6. Fried Bee Hoon – this reminds Violet of the kind served up in our old school canteens. Plain bee hoon fried with soya sauce & bean sprouts. The thing is, plain bee hoon is very hard to do well, but theirs is fragrant and tasty despite being “plain”.

Everything needs to be doused liberally with their wonderful starch sauce & chilli sauce. The starch sauce is not gloopy, but silky and has a fresh taste, with silver threads of egg running through. The chilli sauce is made Hokkien style, with a strong, solid flavour from chilli powder.


So if you want the authentic, handmade flavour of Hokkien snacks, at really reasonable prices, do check out…

Maxwell Road Food Centre
Stall 64
Open: 12-8pm (Closed Mondays)
Contact: 92386464


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