Hidden Seafood Cze Char Gem in the East


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This week, we have a brand-new Makan Kaki joining our rolling panel of foodie friends! Lyn Lee is a former lawyer who decided to pursue her passion for creating the best chocolate cake she could and ended up starting what we now know as the wildly popular Awfully Chocolate! Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a peek at the specialties they’ve created just for Christmas.

Lyn’s sheer delight for food is catching and we can’t wait to introduce you to some of her favourite places to eat in Singapore over the coming weeks! Today though, Lyn wants to share with us a Cze Char gem she only recently discovered, but is so good that she has returned with friends and family at last 5 times since!

The very colourfully enticing Menu Board

As someone who has lived in the East for 12 years and is a regular at the popular Lagoon Food Centre, it was surprise to her that she had never ever noticed this particular Cze Char stall. Everyone knows the duck porridge, the wanton mee at Lagoon, but if you want fresh seafood and really reasonable prices, all cooked with maximum flavour and skill, then you’ve got to try Eastern Red Seafood.

Crab Beehoon!

Whilst there are many, many delicious dishes you could try (just look at that menu board above!), for Lyn and her family, there are 3 must-order staples when they eat there. First of all, try the Crab Beehoon. It’s served “dry” with a lovely gravy that’s so tasty, you’ll want to drink it! It’s beautifully presented with the whole crab perched atop the beehoon, full of perfectly balanced flavour and super-meaty crab.

Crab Beehoon in the foreground & children’s favourite Salted Egg Yolk Chicken in the background
Bamboo Clam Tang Hoon

Next, order the classic restaurant dish of Bamboo Clam Tang Hoon. The fresh clams are expertly cooked with a perfect texture – light and crunchy, but never rubbery. The noodles are bouncy and the garlic is fresh and flavourful.

Close-up on the perfectly cooked, never rubbery clams

Finally, anything with salted egg is a hit with Lyn’s family and  the fresh Carnation Butter Prawns really stand out. But if you have kids with you, take Lyn’s word for it – her children absolutely adore the salted egg fried chicken. Delicious, crispy and tasty.

Why is the food so good here? Apart from the owner’s superior culinary skills, Lyn’s little chat with him revealed that that he has a partner who is in the wholesale seafood business, which means only the choicest, good stuff gets delivered to Eastern Red Seafood for cooking! What makes everything taste even better is knowing your meal isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket. The food is really reasonably priced, compared to other massive seafood restaurants. Lyn has made it her personal mission to share her discovery of this gem of a Cze Char stall, not only because the food is fantastic, but also because she believes in this humble, down-to-earth owner’s small business and she hopes everyone gets to taste his food and helps him grow his enterprise. Go! Eat! Enjoy! And spread the word!

East Coast Lagoon Food Village
1220 East Coast Parkway
Open daily for dinner, usually by 3pm.

Denise with Lyn Lee of Awfully Chocolate
The legendary Awfully Chocolate Christmas Hamper

A carefully curated selection of finely tailored delicacies which, thanks to intense research & development, need no refrigeration! You’ve got to taste the Dark Chocolate Biscuit, Salt & Sesame Biscuit, Praline Truffles, Truffle Cubes & Chocolate Velvet Cake! The bottle of Egot Merlot Sangiovese is optional, but a nice touch. Especially since dark chocolate + red wine = healthy heart!

Cookies & Chocolate Truffles Galore in Awfully Chocolate’s Christmas Hamper!




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