Durian Desserts to Die For

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durian mousse with ice cream
Durian Mousse with extra durian and ice-cream topping!

This week, it’s all about dessert and who better to tell us about his current favourite than our steward of all things sweet and satisfying, The Fabulous Baker Boy Juwanda Hassim! His latest discovery is a little place tucked away in a corner of Serangoon Gardens and it specialises in Hong Kong-style desserts. Warm almond milk with sesame balls, Mango pudding, Pomelo Sago, you name it, chances are they have it. But the one distinctive treat crowds flock in for is their DURIAN desserts!!!

We are fully aware this week’s episode will cause a great divide amongst foodies – those who adore our spiky, pungent king of fruits, and those who deplore anything to do with it. I’m afraid if you fall in the latter category, hold your nose, close your eyes or surf on to a different post! 😀

Alright, if you’re still here…


durian mousse
Durian Mousse

Yes, the smell hits you straight in the nose when you walk in and it’s no wonder – Durian Lovers can’t get enough of the creamy, rich, yet light durian mousse which comes with dollops of extra durian topping and even ice-cream, if you wish!

durian mousse with durian topping
Durian Mousse with extra durian topping!

In Juwanda’s words, this dessert is worth the trek to Serangoon because it has full-on powerful, pungent flavour in every creamy bite. This dessert is available all year-round, even off durian season, so it’s the perfect place to visit for your durian fix, anytime!

mango sago
Mango Sago

dessert bowl

Dessert Bowl
80A Serangoon Garden Way
Opening hours:
Tues – Thurs: 1 – 10.30pm
Fri – Sun: 1pm – 12am
Closed Mondays
Phone: +65 62851278


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