Don’t Miss This Chicken Rice.Porridge

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Hello Makan Kakis! This week, our new foodie friend, Awfully Chocolate’s Lyn Lee wants to share with us another hidden gem that shares the same space as another much more famous neighbour, Eng Seng Pepper Crab at the coffeeshop on the corner of Still Road & Joo Chiat Place. You’re in luck if you love chicken rice, ‘cos this little, nondescript stall serves up, what is in Lyn’s humble opinion, some of the best chicken (than some more well-known names) in Singapore. What’s also unusual is this self-confessed non-porridge-lover’s love for the porridge from this stall. Why? Read on…

Good Old-Fashioned Porridge with the works

Most people think porridge is something you eat when you’re feeling under the weather, but the good old-fashioned flavour and texture of Rong Ji Chicken Rice.Porridge (yes, that dot is deliberate – look at their signboard below!) has won Lyn over! Manned by an uncle who does the chopping of the chicken and two other aunties who serve up the rice & porridge, together they dish up breakfast from 7am till they sell out just after lunch. You can choose between chicken, pork or fish porridge, which are all very tasty. And the texture is just right, somewhere between the watery Teochew kind & the stickier kind you get in a dim sum restaurant.

Lurking behind this tiny, nondescript stall, is some culinary magic!
Watch the Auntie in pink fling delicious spoonfuls of hand-shaped meatballs into the boiling pan of porridge

However, Lyn recommends you go for everything, including pei tan (century egg). You have got to catch the auntie making meatballs – she’s so fast, you can’t even see her hands flying, as she flings spoonfuls of meat into her pan of boiling porridge. These are tasty little meaty morsels with good bite. For a wholesome, satisfying & complete bowl of porridge, you’ve got to have the raw egg cracked right over the top. Then it’s up to you to churn up the piping hot porridge, mix that egg right through to cook it and watch the porridge turn a golden yellow – what fun!

Order at least half the tender-smooth Chicken with your Porridge!

The piece de resistance is definitely the chicken, which as Lyn has mentioned, is really outstanding. Smooth, tender, glossy, juicy and a little chilled, it’s a beautiful thing, You CANNOT visit Rong Ji without ordering at least half a chicken. Make sure you put copious amounts of their fiery-red chilli on everything too.

The folks behind Rong Ji have been plying their trade for many years, but never at one place, in fact, they’ve only been in this location for a few years. Please, please, PLEASE go try their superb breakfast chicken rice & porridge before they up and move again! They are good people, work so hard, serve wonderful food and deserve your patronage!

Rong Ji Chicken Rice . Porridge
247 Joo Chiat Place
Corner of Still Rd & Joo Chiat Place
Open from 7am

And Lyn’s other restaurant, Sinpopo Brand, has put together a lovely festive Prosperity Hamper that’s unique and undoubtably delicious, perfect for the forthcoming CNY celebrations.

2016 CNY Hamper
Sinpopo Brand’s Prosperity Hamper 2016

You’ll find in this hamper the requisite eight mandarin oranges for the season, their best selling Gula Melaka cake, sugee biscuits and Sinpopo’s brand-new Salted Egg Yolk Cookies, which combines the best in a sweet butter cookie with the much loved savoury fragrance of salted egg yolk and curry leaves.
Order before Friday 22nd Jan 2016 to enjoy an early bird 10% discount!
Check it all out here:

Gula Melaka Cake 02
Best-selling Gula Melaka Cake

Salted Egg Yolk Cookies 05 Sugee Biscuit 05


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