Fong’s Dee-licious Curry Puffs!

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Our Makan Kaki Willin Low is on a crusade to save the curry puff and confesses to traveling across our island to champion the humble spiced pastry, the making of which, he says, is a dying art. Sure, there are many factory-made versions, but when it comes to the handmade real deal, space constraints and strict food regulations are some contributing factors, along with a lack of the next generation to take over this artisanal business. That’s why you need to try these while you still can…

fong's dee curry puff
It’s not pretty, but its thin, crisp crust contains an ample amount of fragrant chicken and potatoes with a spicy kick!

This week, the East Coast boy journeys West to highlight a little stall in Clementi that is producing consistently good quality curry puffs that are always served hot, fresh and crispy because they are fried in small batches according to demand.

Admittedly, these puffs aren’t exactly pretty and the crimped edges are more rustic than even, but this puff more than makes up for its appearance by way of taste and texture! You have got to try Fong’s Dee Curry Puffs – for such a generously stuffed puff, the crust is incredibly light and thin, with a lovely, crispy-crunchy crimped edge. And the filling is so fragrant, with just enough spiced in the potato and chicken bits to give you a pleasant kick.

Willin has tried to stop at one, but he always returns for two, then again to take away 10! But for maximum enjoyment of Fong Dee’s curry puffs, he says you need to wait for a fresh batch and eat them on the spot, piping hot and crispy!

fong's dee shopfront
Fong Dee’s shopfront is packed with other goodies, so be sure to save your tummy for extras besides their curry puffs!

Fong’s Dee Curry Puff
Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre
448 Clementi Avenue 3
Singapore 120448


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