Double-Duty Econ Stall: Bee Hoon for Breakfast, Rice for Lunch!


  • Click here to hear about the Chocolate Accident and an intro to the wonderful Crane Road Coffeeshop, full famous stalls serving up yummy things!
  • Click here for Lyn’s secret discovery of one particular stall!
Don’t let its humble exterior fool you – culinary gold waits inside!

Awfully Chocolate‘s Lyn Lee (by the way, scroll down to check out her other restaurant,Everything with Fries‘ latest dessert offering!) returns to talk about her favourite breakfast foods – great at any time of the day, especially if you visit a very well-known coffeeshop in the Joo Chiat area. Along Crane Road, you’ll find a charming old coffeeshop that looks like a relic from the 50s, called Poh Ho Restaurant. Within this traditional setting, you’ll find the famous and extremely popular Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata and equally famous Hock Thye Noodle House which serves up excellent wanton mee (Lyn likes to ask for stewed mushrooms to be added for extra earthy, umami flavour!).

However, today, Lyn wants to introduce us to another stall in Poh Ho Restaurant that is often overlooked because it serves that humble breakfast staple, Econ Bee Hoon. What really elevates the standard of the food served here is their deep-fried chicken wings! With just a hint of irresistable Har Cheong (prawn paste), these wings are sublimely crispy & juicy. The bee hoon is well-fried, not soggy and has just enough pleasing colour from the soy seasoning. But the surprise discovery for Lyn was that this stall, while it does very brisk business with its breakfast bee hoon, by 11-ish, it morphs into a economic rice stall that sees even brisker business and long queues!

Mei Wei Economic Bee Hoon & Rice, as it turns out, has been at Poh Ho for years and years – now run by a relatively young man and his brother, it was started by their father who has a big following of old-timers hankering after his traditional signature dishes. Their mother is still around, cooking as the brothers serve and the queues are worth it.

Lyn observed this curious lunchtime queue, where customers would literally wipe out every single dish whipped up by the brothers in minutes. As fast as the hot dishes were cooked, they would sell out, so much so that you never quite see the full set of 10 or so dishes you normally would at an econ rice stall. Customers were so eager for the fresh, hot food that they got in line and made do with whatever they could heap on their plates of rice. Same thing happened with Lyn – on the day she queued, she managed to get hand-stuffed yong tau foo and a wonderful old-fashioned tau yew bak (black soy stewed pork belly) which was so tasty and nostalgic of grandma’s cooking. The vegetables weren’t ready yet, so that’s all she got – 2 meaty dishes on rice. But it was enough to have her going back for more.

She tries to vary her timings so that she gets to try a couple of different dishes each time, depending on availability! She also recommends their stir-fried bittergourd and fried fish. A word on the fish – we’re talking a whole fish, not always the same kind, deep-fried to perfection and the one dish every single customer seems to order. They literally will hang around waiting until they see it emerge from the wok, before swooping in line to snap up whatever supply there is. Such is the devotion of the diners!

Mei Wei Economic Bee Hoon & Rice
Poh Ho Restaurant
7 Crane Road

P.S. Introducing Lyn Lee’s pride and joy, the latest addition to Everything with Fries’ menu, their first-ever ice cream dessert – the Ice Cream Accident that takes you back to your childhood when your unstable little hands may have dropped a cone or two… Now you’re all grown up, you might want to relive those moments with this deliberately down-turned cone sitting in a delicious bed of chocolate soil. The ice-cream is what Lyn describes as a lighter, softer version of their popular Awfully Chocolate Hei ice cream. Head on over to Everything with Fries’ flagship store at Holland Village for a taste of the Ice Cream Accident!



3 thoughts on “Double-Duty Econ Stall: Bee Hoon for Breakfast, Rice for Lunch!

  1. Denise, please stop introducing stuff like this at Joo chiat. Fiets prata, then econ bee hoon….a plea from my son…It is getting so crowded that my family’s breakfast haunt is no longer accessible to us….lol!!!!!!! Seriously, good stuff at that coffeeshop. ..

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