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This week, World Gourmet Summit’s Peter Knipp recommends another favourite of his in Singapore – a quaint, traditional Colonial building in Labrador Park that houses one of the best Asian restaurants he ever eaten at. Tamarind Hill is helmed by Thai Chef Wanthana Nikonsaen, otherwise known as the gracious, humble Pin, whose immense culinary skills come not by professional training, but over her many years of cooking experience. If it’s Thai-Burmese-Indochinese cuisine you’re looking for, Tamarind Hill will definitely not disappoint.

10711066_756952601018007_170624826724974646_nPeter is enamored of Chef Pin’s amazing chilli dipping sauce, served with beef and rice. It’s perfectly balanced with the right amounts of tamarind, spices and acidity, which means when you dip the beef into that sauce, the whole flavour spectrum in your mouth goes into rampage! This is seriously good cooking. After patronising this restaurant countless times, Peter doesn’t even look at the menu anymore. He just asks Chef Pin that’s fresh that day and lets her surprise him.

11807313_896260327087233_1508159544303658965_o10957446_808170215896245_1873761232339186734_oWith Singapore now boasting a Barramundi Farm, Chef Pin has been experimenting with fresh seafood and he recommends ordering her take on Barramundi, whether it’s steamed or pan-roasted, the fish is just stunning. But she insists her best food is always cooked in a wok on a charcoal fire and while it’s not always possible to do that in the restaurant setting, she does sometimes employ this traditional technique to flavour her dishes with that authentic “wok hei”, or as Peter describes it, “heaven in disguise”.

10845869_807335669313033_3287393960779015118_o11218938_890620904317842_7529499147542759951_nTamarind Hill is the perfect setting for a quiet al fresco meal, surrounded by lush tropical jungle and gorgeous sea views. Peter likes to dine outside on the terrace facing the sea in the early evening, although those with a heat phobia can retreat into the cool, air-conditioned interior of the restaurant. Again, Peter describes the experience as “heaven” – the service is phenomenal, the beautifully preserved house is traditional with a touch of Colonial, the view is lovely and the food, second to none.

Tamarind Hill
30 Labrador Villa Road
Labrador Nature Reserve
Tel: 6278 6364
Open Daily: 12-3pm, 6-11pm


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