Skip to Loo’s for Delicious Curry Rice!


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Clockwise from top: fragrant curry rice with chap chye, assam sotong, lion’s head meatballs, crispy pork chop in tomato sauce and a big bowl of curry in the centre!

Introducing a new foodie friend, food writer Toh Mu Qin, whose work you can see on popular food blog MissTamChiak. Together with her mother, veteran broadcaster Chua Foo Yong (definitely no stranger to our Mandarin-speaking audiences), they collaborated on a new bilingual food guide, featuring 50 local eating places called EAT. MUSE. LOVE. For her first recommendation this week, Mu Qin takes us to the hipster enclave of Tiong Bahru, but keeps it real and decidely un-hipster with a stalwart stall of the area that has been serving up delicious hot plates of Hainanese-style rice & dishes for years, all from a no-frills, nondescript coffeeshop on Seng Poh Road. Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice is a well-known name for those who love this local hybrid of spicy cai fan and for good reason!

Mr Pork Chop is ready for his closeup!

The signature Hainanese dishes to order here are the pork chop and chap chye (stewed mixed vegetables). Mu Qin is impressed by the well-marinated yet not overly rich pork chop, which is tender on the inside while retaining its crispness on the outside. This pork chop is unique as they still coat it the traditional Hainanese way, with cream crackers instead of bread crumbs before frying.She loves the flavourful tomato gravy that is spread generously over the pork chops.

The other dish is chap chye, simple-looking, but cooked to its requisite softness. The glass vermicelli complements the stewed cabbage and soaks up the sauce beautifully. This dish is neither overly soft nor tough and she thoroughly enjoys the natural sweetness of the cabbage which isn’t overpowered by the sauce. Dishes offered at Loo’s go very well with their fragrant curry rice. Personally, Mu Qin likes that the curry isn’t too spicy but comes with a sweet undertone and a tasty finish from the braised gravy.

Or if you are feeling more adventurous, have a go at their very traditional, handmade Lion’s Head meatballs, or their Asam Sotong, whose spiciness quotient is numbingly high but it is both appetizing and satisfying to the palate.

Address: 71 Seng Poh Rd, #01-49, S160071
Phone: 62253762
Open Friday – Wednesday 8am –2.45pm (Closed Thursdays)

Toh Mu Qin (L) with Denise (R)

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