Traditional Oyster Cake


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This week, our foodie friend and Head Chef at Wanderlust Hotel’s Restaurant Cocotte, Tony Yeoh, continues with his guide to his Little India/ Jalan Besar neighbourhood, with a little gem of a stall that sells just one thing and that one thing very well. While it’s become quite a rarity to find these days, you can still find traditional Fu Zhou Oyster Cakes at Poh Hwa. Originally operating out of a coffee shop at Sam Leong Road, they have since moved to  Berseh Food Centre along Jalan Besar..


What exactly is an oyster cake, you may ask? For those only familiar with Orh Jian or Orh Luak (Oyster Omelette), Oyster Cake is a crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside snack that’s like a little pocket stuffed full of little morsels of tasty treasures, from minced meat, to prawn to coriander, peanuts, ikan billis and yes, oysters! Think of French beignets or Indian Vadai and in Fu Zhou Oyster Cake, you have the Chinese version!


Check out Auntie deftly preparing the oyster cakes – she has a special UFO shaped  ladle she first half-fills with batter, then sprinkles in her array of ingredients, before spooning on more batter, then she slides each little disc in to a wok of hot oil for deep-frying. What emerges looks and smells incredible – how can you resist?

IMG_4606Each sizeable Oyster Cake costs $1.80 so for just under 2 bucks, you’ve got yourself a delectable little afternoon snack, perfect washed down with a teh tarik!IMG_4612

Eat with generous lashings of their homemade chilli sauce which is vinegary, with a kick – a perfect accompaniment to balance out all the deep-fried, meaty richness of the Oyster Cake.IMG_4613

166 Jalan Besar
Berseh Food Centre
Singapore 208877

Open Daily: 10am – 6pm


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