Soft, Silky, Sweet Soy Beancurd

Please meet our new Makan Kaki, lifestyle blogger, food writer & cookbook author Rowena “Frog” Michaels! She has the most interesting stories to share, especially why she calls herself a Chinese Angmoh (or Changmoh) and why she loves Singapore’s food and culture so much.

Having lived here for the last 8 years, Frog is all about discovering all the little-known, hard to find local places and likes nothing better than playing mahjong, eating durian and bargain shopping in the heartland. But for the last 3 years, her passion project has been putting together Singapore’s only English & Tagalog Cookbook, perfect for families and their Filipino helpers.

A Helping Hand is full of comprehensive, easy-to-follow local & western recipes that draw from Frog’s culinary experiences – from her childhood pie meals in Scotland to her half-Singaporean husband’s grandma’s special Mee Goreng to super-convenient 30-minute Kueh Pie Tee – so you and your helper will get a varied mix of dishes that have been tried and tested and fare well for both adults and children during intimate family meals and even dinner parties.

Only for Gold 905 Listeners, Frog is extending a very special 10% DISCOUNT off her new cookbook for a very limited time only! Click now to purchase your copy of A Helping Hand & enjoy this promotion now!


  • Click here to listen to Frog sharing about her nicknames, her blog & her new cookbook.
  • Click here for Frog on her love for Singapore’s food and culture, her culinary heritage and favourite recipes to use when entertaining.
  • Click here for this week’s Makan Kaki on-air capsule – Frog recommends her favourite place for Soy Beancurd.

attachmentFrog’s very first introduction to hawker food was when a friend took her for a breakfast Soy Beancurd meal and it was love at first bite. Since then Frog has become very particular about where and how she eats her Soy Beancurd. Here is her favourite – a stall found in Tiong Bahru, run by the affable Low Teck Seng and his wife. Together, they make the beancurd by hand themselves, daily.
attachment-1Here’s the dish in all its glory; just how Frog likes it: a dash of sugar syrup and lots of piping hot soya milk. Cute story: by now, the couple recognise Frog but if it’s the wife serving, she makes Frog wait for her husband because only he knows how Frog likes her bowl of soy bean goodness!
attachment-2You’ve got to experience a bowl of super-soft, silky-smoothness yourself! But keep in mind they regularly sell out. Be sure to visit  before 10.30am to ensure you get your tau fu fa!

In Frog’s house, they love a Michael Jackson as well as the heritage beancurd. Here’s her little boy enjoying the unique chin chow – beancurd mix! Teck Seng’s gets the thumbs up every time!

attachmentThis is where it’s all at –  one of Frog’s favourite wet markets!

Tiong Bahru Market
Open Tues- Sun  5am – 2pm.
Closed on Mondays




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