Desmond the Durian Dealer

Click here to listen for all the DURIAN GOODNESS!

This week, our Chang Moh (Chinese + Ang Moh) Makan Kaki Frog Michaels, as British as they come, reveals her surprising obsession with the divisive, pungent King of Fruits, the DURIAN! Her husband’s Singaporean Chinese Grandmother introduced her to the fruit years ago, seed by seed until everything clicked and suddenly, she loved Durian and misses it when she’s not in town. Frog has ventured into Geylang to attempt buying her fave fruit, but it has turned out a confusing endeavour, that’s why there is only one place she will go to for now her durian fix…
attachment-1Desmond Koh and his mother run an excellent fruit stall in Tiong Bahru Market. It has no name (just a white sign board) but their unit number is 01-203/204. Desmond & Frog have known each other for about 7 years and in that time, have struck up a little friendship – she send him SMSes from “the AMCB, or Ang Moh Char Bor” and he always tells her honestly whether his durians are good enough that day for her to make the trip down to buy. If not, he tells her not to come. We all appreciate that sort of intel and honesty, don’t we?attachment-5When it’s durian season, Desmond sets up a dedicated durian stall on Seng Poh Road, just opposite the Old Tiong Bahru Bak Kut Teh (as pictured). attachment-3Frog is such a durian fan, even her handbag even has metal, durian-like spikes! Haha. As for Desmond, he only sells durians when they are in season – and he only sells ones of exceptional quality. Frog had cravings when she was pregnant with her son Joey (pictured recently below and now 4 years old) and introduced him to Desmond and his mother as soon as she had finished my month of Chinese confinement – in fact, you can read all about her durian-craving confinement experience here on her blog! Which means the friendly, fruity family have known him since before he was born! And yes, in keeping with the family tradition, Joe loves durian too!

attachment-2Frog doesn’t understand why durian haters think the fruit smells like blue cheese. She says think super-creamy custard not cheese!


{All Photos courtesy of Frog Michaels}

Look for Desmond the Durian Dealer – TRIPLE D! 😉 – at his no-name family fruit stall in Tiong Bahru Market
Their stall has a white sign board,  Unit Number  #01-203/204


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