Food with the White Attitude!


Click to hear what Mu Qin has to say about this Sembawang Zichar institution!

This week, our Makan Kaki, co-author of food guide Eat. Muse. Love. Toh Mu Qin takes us to the north of our little island for some superb Zichar at a Sembawang institution. White Restaurant sees long queues at all its outlets and the original one in Sembawang serves up platter after platter of their signature famous White Bee Hoon. What Mu Qin loves about this classic dish is the light, tasty, milky-white gravy and fresh seafood like prawn and squid. The Bee Hoon is tender and springy without being mushy and the shreds of omelet scattered throughout add another dimension. Their sambal chilli is also the highlight here, very spicy with an extra tangy kick, which pops on the palate and extends your appetite! Essentially, this is a very simple dish using very simple ingredients, but one that White Restaurant takes utmost pride in. Make no mistake, it’s a simple dish, but complex in flavour and it takes great skill from the chef control the fire for the wok and the cooking time to produce plate after plate of white bee hoon perfection! This is a definitely must-try when you pay a visit to White Restaurant.


Other dishes Mu Qin would recommend include the fried home-made tofu, which sees silky soft mashed tofu encased in a crisp batter and deep-fried to a golden-brown, crusty, more-ish snack. While you really can’t go wrong with anything deliciously deep-fried, it’s that wonderful contrast between the crunchy outside and the soft inside that makes this tofu dish so yummy.

If you, like Mu Qin & Denise, are a fan of the salty, pungent, fermented goodness that is Black Bean Sauce, you’ve also got to order the Leather Jacket fish stir-fried with black bean, chilli, garlic and crunchy veg. The fish is always fresh, tender, yet firm and tasty.img_8722So there you have it, just a few quick and delicious dishes you’ve got to try. White Restaurant has established itself as the originator of the famous White Bee Hoon and it’s definitely worth the trek to Sembawang for a taste of Zichar heaven! If not, check out their website for their other outlets, spanning from Toa Payoh to Punggol!

*all pictures courtesy of Toh Mu Qin

22 Jln Tampang, Singapore 758966
Tel: 6257 2002
Open: 11.30am to 10.30pm (Closed on Wednesday)


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