Magnificent Mee Pok!

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fullsizerender4This week, our Makan Kaki Chef Tony Yeoh takes us back to his Little India/ Jalan Besar neighbourhood for a local noodle treat. There you’ll find a little coffee shop that features Ah Ho Teochew Noodles serving up sublime bowls of noodles with the works – fishball/ fishcake/ fish dumpling/ mushroom/ sliced & minced pork.


Their fish dumpling (or her keow) is just about traditional as you can get – it’s the kind that’s hard to find these days amongst the starchy, powdery, rubbery factory-made imposters. It’s the kind you remember the way they used to be made – glossy, slippery and full of fish/ meat paste. As for the pork-based soup, it’s clouded with yummy bits of minced pork and fried garlic – not overly salty & without that unpleasant MSG taste.


The pieces of dried crispy flat fish (tee por) also add extra flavour and crunch, but the secret is in his outstanding chilli which packs an aromatic, heady punch. We hear that besides chillies, hae bee (dried shrimp) and lard, there just might be a hint of buah keluak for extra earthy depth! Allegedly. What we do know is you get a deeply umami sambal that isn’t too fiery and perfectly complements the al dente noodles extremely well. Tony suggests going for the Mee Pok (the flat noodles offer maximum bite and surface area to grab all that delicious sauce!).

Layers of flavour in the sambal chilli, just not a lot of heat. So add more fresh cut chilli if you like to feel more of a burn!
fullsizerender1Ultimately, what you get is years of hard work and traditional culinary experience (this stall has been in existence for more than 4 decades) distilled into one delicious, simple, comforting bowl. We can’t understand why this place isn’t seeing longer queues, not that we’re complaining (no wait time!), so we urge you to try a bowl today! Especially at just $3-$5 per serving, you’re getting a delicious deal! 

snapseed-1 TASTE:
Ah Ho Teochew Kway Teow Mee
Kim San Lee Coffee Shop
12 Verdun Road (Off Jalan Besar, between Sam Leong & Syed Alwi Roads)
Open daily (except wednesdays): 7am – 4pm


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