Satay So Sedap!

Click here to listen to Fir Rahman’s satay recommendation!

This week, our Makan Kaki and actor Fir Rahman (currently starring in Toy Factory Productions’ Prism at the Drama Centre till 5 Mar) returns to tell us about his favourite place for satay. When it comes to these traditional Asian skewers of marinated meats, Fir’s go-to is Lau Pa Sat, but amongst the many stalls there plying their trade by night, which should you choose? Fir’s choice is Stall Number 8 for one very simple reason – friendship! His friend’s dad sells satay at stall 8, so not only does he get a delicious meal, he gets treated very well. Ok, so even if you don’t have that friendship connection, this satay is worth a try – choose from meats like chicken, beef, mutton (Fir’s favourite), babat (tripe), and even whole prawns on skewers. Fir loves the strong, gamey flavour of the mutton because it goes very well with the peanut sauce, which is earthy, spicy-sweet and holds up well to the meat. But the mutton is so tasty, you can even eat it alone. And if mutton’s not for you, Fir also recommends the extra spicy chicken chilli padi satay! Add onions, cucumber and ketupat, you’re in charcoal BBQ heaven!
Best Satay Stall 8
Lau Pa Sat Satay Street (outdoors)
18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582
Open daily: 7pm till late.

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