A Singaporean does Italian!

Ciao! Click here to listen for incredible Italian!

This week sees the return of our inimitable Chang Moh, writer, columnist & cook-book author of A Helping Hand Rowena “Frog” Michaels, who first discovered this charming Italian place in Tiong Bahru. From those early days, it’s since moved to the Bugis Area, but is no less delicious and charming! But just to avoid confusion, the following pictures were taken by Frog at their first outlet in Tiong Bahru. Ah Bong’s Italian starts and ends with its Singaporean owner-chef Chris Ng, who is a wonderfully friendly guy with a great story behind his restaurant.

He studied at LSE before becoming an accountant based in the UK, which, as the gateway to the rest of Europe, allowed him to eat his way across the continent. In his travels, Chris fell head over heels in love with Italy and its food. So he packed things up, returned home to Singapore and started Ah Bong’s Italian!

In Frog’s words, Chris sells beautifully simple, authentic pasta dishes made with premium ingredients. To keep things straight forward, there are three dishes a day. The menu changes daily. Here they are eating some smokey aglio (Frog) and truffle comfort eggs (Chris):

Delicious pastas being prepared fresh, ala minute! And just in case you’re wondering how good or authentic Ah Bong’s Italian can be, Frog can testify to bringing her Italian friends for a meal there and they absolutely loved it. If that isn’t a great endorsement of the taste and quality of Chris’s food, then we don’t know what is!

Frog’s favourite menu items include the truffled mac & cheese and the spicy crab linguine, but look out for what he has on his chalkboard – the dishes change daily and Chris just might be able to do you a special order if you ask nicely! 😉 Prices are affordable, the food is delicious, what more could you ask for?

Ah Bong Italian
103 Beach Rd (Tan Quee Lan Street area)
#01-02 (below Marrison hotel)
Singapore 189704
Open Daily: 12 – 2pm; 6 – 9pm


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